We practice sustainability in 5 key areas.

We use environmentally friendly inks.

The inks that we use are GOTS 5.0 and OEKO-TEX® PASSPORT certified and CPSIA compliant.

We are a paperless company.

From quoting to shipping and every step in between, if we don’t have to use and pay for paper, we don’t. We’ve invested in digital filing and signing systems, barcoded production techniques and paperless friendly work stations.

We recycle, reuse, and repurpose.

Equipment, computers, and tools that are no longer of use to the company are either sold, donated, or recycled. Plastic, glass, cardboard, and metal are all recycled.

We employ a hybrid onsite and home office work environment.

Printerly.com has invested in technology that enables us to operate a hybrid work environment blending onsite and work from home roles that minimize needless travel. Our investments in technology like Virtual Private Networks, remote desktops, video conferencing & integrated instant messaging software combined with flexible work policies not only makes this possible, but also preferable. Not only do our team members get more done, they also get to enjoy more time with their families.

We conserve energy.

Using tools like smart thermostats, modern insulation, low energy lightbulbs, and energy star compliant appliances are ways we invest to lower our energy profile. Shutting off non-essential equipment, computers and lights during non-operating hours are the choices we make daily to lower our consumption. Both are simple and easy and not only do they reduce our carbon footprint, they also improve our bottom line.

Quality Control forms an integral part of our sustainability program.

There is nothing more wasteful than producing an item that has no use.

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